Water-free washing for people with dementia

Water can be almost invisible to people with dementia or they dislike the feel on their skin, so they refuse to take a bath or shower. Now there’s a quick and easy, water-free alternative to traditional bathing or hair washing with the Nilaqua product range.

The range from Nilaqua is ideal for care workers looking after people who are confined to bed, recovering from surgery or unable to access a bath easily. It’s also particularly suitable for use with people with dementia who have a fear of water because they find it hard to see or dislike the feel as it touches their skin.

The cleansing products are easy to use; simply apply to the skin or hair, massage in thoroughly to cleanse and remove dirt or odours, then wipe off with a towel.

Benefits include:
Reduce patient washing times
Lower ancillary costs, e.g. disposable bowls, soap, shampoo

Minimise wet sheets and uniforms
Cut utility bills for hot water
Reduce manual handling
Ease patient stress and discomfort

Already widely used in the NHS, this product range cuts patient washing times, saves energy bills and lowers stress for staff and patients.

Products that can help

Nilaqua Waterless Shampoo - 65ml - PACK of 24
£56.45 (inc.VAT)
£47.04 (exc.VAT)
Nilaqua Waterless Body Wash, 55ml: PACK of 24
£56.45 (inc.VAT)
£47.04 (exc.VAT)